At Violet Care we think that by making modern technology more accessible to elderly people, we can significantly improve their quality of life. The Future Foundation’s Report, ‘Care Beyond 2020’, identifies the important role that technology can play in the future provision of Social Care. We agree. That’s why, unlike many traditional Adult Care organisations we see a need to have a physical presence augmented by technology.

We can set up systems which help to keep our elderly service users connected to their families, no matter how far away they may be. The technology behind our Violet Care Connect gives family members the opportunity to check that agreed visits have taken place. We can even, subject to all the appropriate agreements, help you to monitor what is happening in an older relative’s home and send you alerts if we think help is needed.

However, our main focus is primarily aimed at helping elderly people gain as much as possible from the available technology. We can help anyone, from complete computer novices, to people who have some experience but would like to know more.


Ways in which we can help the elderly include:

  • Using technology to keep in touch with relatives. For example, seeing grandchildren via free video calls, using email to communicate with other family members, and learning how to use the internet safely
  • Setting up and making the most of broadband, including advice on the most cost effective options
  • Installing antivirus and security software
  • Making full use of mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers
  • As well as accessing catch up TV services
  • Learning how to use the latest television re-coding systems with simplicity of use a priority
  • ‘How to’ seminars to help customers get the most from the technology they already own
  • Impartial advice on buying new technology equipment or upgrading existing equipment
  • Also, a telephone helpline to help resolve technology problems

You can also have sensors around your home fitted…

Sensors include:
  • Community Alarm
    • A personal alarm that allows you to call for help when you need it.
  • Bed Occupancy
    • Monitors if you leave the bed but don’t return after a period of time
  • Big Button Telephone
    • Large black buttons and white numbers for the visually impaired and a call indicator and volume control for hearing difficulties
  • Bogus Caller / Panic Button
    • Located by a doorway in when being used as a bogus caller button, or in other areas of the home when used as a panic button
  • CO2 Detector
    • A wireless carbon monoxide battery powered detector
  • Door Entry System
    • Used with a standard television and telephone in order to provide visual and audible identification of a caller
  • Door Usage Sensor
    • Creates an audible alarm to monitor door usage
  • Enuresis Sensor
    • Positioned under the top sheet to help detect incontinence
  • Epilepsy Sensor
    • Place underneath the mattress and monitors seizures

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  • Fall Detector
    • This utilities a 2 stage detection process to identify a genuine fall
  • Flood Detector
    • Wireless sensor placed under the sink, as well as near the bath or toilet to detect water
  • Gas Detector/Shut Off Valve Solution
    • If gas is detected the gas supply is immediately turned off either within the home or to an individual appliance
  • Heat Detector
    • Wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fire where smoke detectors are unsuitable
  • Keyless Door Access Trigger
    • Allows an authorised caller to access your home if help is needed
  • Medication Dispensers
    • Monitors when medication is taken and sends an alert if not taken properly
  • Minuet Watch
    • This is a personal alarm button combined with a high quality watch for user throughout the day
  • Pressure Mats
    • To monitor service user inactivity or intruder activity
  • Pillow Alert Smoke Detector
    • A vibrating pad positioned under the pillow wakes you in case of smoke. Further to this, a strobe light gives additional warning when the user is out of bed
  • Property Exit Sensor
    • Provides real time alerts when someone has walked out of their door and not returned
  • Radio Pull Cord
    • This can be placed around the home for extra support when needed