The majority of people with dementia will benefit from receiving social care. This is because condition can make it significantly more difficult for them to carry out everyday tasks as usual. Social care is different to care provided on the NHS such as A&E hospital appointments or routine Doctors’ appointments.

Social care is means tested. This means that people who have assets of over £23,250 will have to pay for their own care as it is not free on the NHS. We estimate that the typical care costs for this illness would take around 125 years to gather the funds for. This is where dementia differentiates from other long-term health conditions such as heart problems and cancer. – These two illnesses are treatable free of charge on the NHS whereas patients will not receive free dementia care. It doesn’t seem like a fair system for some people to receive free treatment for their conditions and others to have to pay for it. Many organisations such as The Alzheimer’s Society has been trying to end ‘the dementia tax’ for years.

We at Violet Care believe that patients suffering from this illness should not have to suffer the costs of their care single handedly. – Even if people save up money early for their retirement, it would still take the average person over a lifetime to save for their dementia care. Please ask us about funding options. You may be able to receive your care fully funded. We are also able to take direct payments from your Council.

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