What is Art Psychotherapy?

At Violet Care we offer art psychotherapy to clients who are experiencing emotional difficulties and mental health issues.

In sessions, individuals can use creative materials to help express themselves in moments where words do not exist.

How do we work?

You are eligible for these services if you:

  • are a service user receiving support from Violet Care.
  • have made your mental health concerns known to your GP.
  • can evidence permanent residency in Essex.

Referral and Process:

You can either self refer, or referrals can be made by anyone involved in the your care.

The therapist will arrange with you for an assessment to take place, and this is an opportunity to think about what you would like to be supported with in therapy.

We offer our clients who require emotional and mental health support, 6 weeks of complimentary therapy appointments.

At Violet Care we appreciate that for some individuals,  a longer period of intervention is required and this is reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you aren’t a service user at Violet Care you can ask your GP to make a referral for art psychotherapy. Your allowance to sessions is determined by the complexity of your healthcare needs, and the provision of care which you have access to already.

If you would like to refer yourself privately this also possible, please contact therapy@violet.care for more information about a consultation.

– How is Confidentiality Managed?

For service users of Violet Care your confidentiality is managed within the internal MDT.

If you receive art psychotherapy externally, then your confidentiality is managed between your therapist and your GP.

What we offer:

  • Clinical Assessment: In an assessment you’ll be able to explore and think about what areas you would like to be supported with in therapy.
  • 1:1 sessions: These are 50 minute weekly appointments in a safe, confidential space. You’ll have access to appropriate creative materials.
  • Groups:  The open group is for individuals to attend weekly and this lasts for 120 minutes.

Our Journey

Julie Behseta’s dedicated PHD research on arts and aesthetics in care which has inspired Violet Care to use arts in healthcare.

Her influence continues to inform and shape the agency’s ethos and values, whereby creativity and compassion lie at the heart of the work.

Where we can support you?

We are passionate about making art psychotherapy accessible to individuals requiring support. Individuals can benefit from sessions in their home environments or at community centres around Essex.