For when you need your specialized carer do that little bit more. Our medium dependency care specialists can make sure that you needs are met.

Our medium dependency care packages are for those who require that extra provision of care because they are suffering from the onset of a more serious illness such as dementia or Alzheimer and have occasional incontinence issues. It is important that our carers are experienced enough and can predict what work needs to be done without waiting to be asked. Our medium dependency carers are compassionate and provide attentive assistance.    

We are here to help when you need us
  • Your bespoke care plan is created around your wishes with flexibility ensuring availability of your carer to suit your needs.  
  • Specialist care is received in the comfort of your own home.  
  • You can receive 24 hour care in the comfort and surroundings of your own home.  
  • There are HUGE cost savings compared to Care home facilities. Particularly for couples wishing to stay together.  
  • You are able to stay surrounded by family and friends and pets if you have any.  

Why choose a Medium dependency Carer?

Every person is an individual and at Violet Care we appreciate this. We build a care package built around your wishes and we match our carers according their suitability and ability to fulfill your care plan. We never use Agency staff and all of our carers have been carefully selected and are direct employees of our company. This means they feel cared for with great benefits packages and staff wellbeing programmes that ensure that our carers feel valued and respected in their work.


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Our medium dependency homecare services

Our home care services can be provided on a long term or a shorter term basis depending on your needs.

Personal care
  • Assisting with morning and evening routines.
  • Helping out of bed, grooming and providing a nutritious breakfast getting the day started right.
  • hygiene routines to ensure a restful night.
  • Transfer assistance getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair.
  • Bathing and showering eliminating dangers in slippery places.
  • Full assistance with restroom use with upmost respect and professionalism to ensure a sense of dignity is kept.
  • Assistance dressing and undressing and personal appearance care which goes beyond just doing what is necessary but concentrates on making your loved ones looking and feeling good.
Lifestyle support
  • Help with accompanying your loved ones to appointments.
  • Assistance in scheduling and keeping medical appointments as well as following the health professional’s orders.
  • Errand tasks. Picking up prescriptions. Going grocery shopping. Standing in line at the post office. Returning an overdue library book. Taking the car in for an oil change. The list is endless of errands our care givers can help with.
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Help to organize the paying of bills, responding to letters and keeping connected with friends an family via email or social media networks as agreed.
  • Kitchen cleaning and organization. cleaning the counters, starting the dishwasher, sweeping floors and tidying the cupboards and drawers.
  • Frequently cleaning stoves, toasters, ovens and other appliances, to keep grease, oil and crumbs from building up and becoming a fire hazard.
  • Price from £1395 per week.

    Based on 2 permanent carers working on rotation as a team to ensure that your carers stay efficient and don’t suffer from burnout a common issue in the care industry ensuring the optimal health and safety of services users and our staff.

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