You might be feeling worried about Coronavirus also known as COVID – 19, which is currently causing us all to think more carefully about our actions and how we look after ourselves and one another.

Violet Care Agency will strive to continue to provide excellent and compassionate care to all it’s service users. All of our carers will wear essential personal protective equipment, which includes, aprons and gloves.

Staff have been instructed by our Training and Development Manager to be extra vigilant and continue to wash their hands using soap and water frequently and in-between all care tasks. If you feel that other precautions are needed in order to help you feel safer, please do contact the office so that these can be considered.

At this time many might feel anxious about the virus whilst being at home self-isolating or in quarantine.

There are lot’s of ways that you can take care of ourselves, which includes making sure that your wellbeing is looked after.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat well, and stay hydrated: Ensure that you have access to healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. Drink regularly and often, it might be helpful to vary the flavours of drinks by having fruit squash’s or herbal teas.
  • Plan and structure your day: Healthy minds need to be stimulated regularly. You might introduce meaningful activities that you enjoy, like completing crosswords, combing through old and new magazines, folding your laundry and taking time to observe how you’re feeling.  
  • Stay Connected: Our development and growth is based on our capacity to interact and be received by others. Without this, we begin to lose our sense of who we are which can feel frightening and confusing. Arrange a time to speak to a loved one on the phone. Write a letter to a friend or neighbour. Write down something you might like talk about or say to your carer. Send an email or ask for support around how to do this.
  • Surround Yourself in Nature: Where this is possible try to get outside in your garden to feel the sun on your shoulders. Open your curtains and your windows. Look up at the sky. Take care of a plant or a cactus.
  • Stay Active: We need to keep our bodies moving and stimulated. This might include a gentle slow walk to the window. You might prefer to carefully do gentle exercises from the comfort of a chair. It might feel helpful to play some music to sway to. There are many exercise ideas which can be found online, Youtube especially is a good place to search for instruction videos .
  • Relax: Schedule some time in your day to relax, this might include art making, smelling incense, listening to classical music or creative writing.

Violet Care Agency has dedicated Reassurance Support Officers who are contactable on: 01279 434444.

Please get in touch and our officers will be able to listen and reassure you.

If you are a service user, please ask to speak with Eve.

If you are a staff member, please ask to speak with Laura.