World Mental Health Day.

We are all different, facing different challenges day by day, living different lives. This can be overwhelming sometimes and we can struggle to be with our emotions when things aren’t going the way we imagined or planned…

The staff at Violet Care were asked what they do to look after their mental health…

“I channel my negative energies into sport and exercise ”

“I go for long walks and I talk about my feelings when I feel ready.”

“Spending time with my children helps me to feel better.”

“I get creative and use art making to help express my thoughts and feelings”

We asked the same question, but thinking about how we can support other people’s mental health needs.

“I can help others by, keeping an eye out and being ready to listen.”

“I can check in with someone who I haven’t seen or heard from in a while”

“I can always find time to reach out to someone and maybe invite them round for dinner.”

It’s so important to keep the conversation about mental health open so that we can keep ourselves and others healthy.

What things do you for you and for others when it comes to thinking about mental health?

― Brad Meltzer