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The Alzheimer’s Society’s Guide To Dementia

  What are the symptoms? The word dementia describes a group of symptoms that may include me

Ventilator Dependency

Some carers may be required to care for a service user who relies on a ventilator (ventilator dep

Power Of Attorney

Where an individual requires care, and is able to give their consent, it may be advisable for a m

Full Guide To Respite Care

Replacement/respite is designed to give a break to unpaid carers. Breaks enable carers to have be


What Are The Signs Of A Stroke? How do you identify whether someone is having a stroke? The most

Parkinson’s Disease – What Is It?

Parkinson’s disease a progressive neurological condition, where the lack of the brain chemi

Helpful Links

We’ve put together a list of helpful links for the elderly. Please contact us if you have a