Many of our customers tell us that they want to know how to integrate their carer affecting a positive working relationship.

Here are our 7 top tips on how to integrate your carer into your home:


  1. Be clear. Remember that your carer is there to help you. – Carers are appreciative to hear if there is something specific that you want.


  1. Recruit carefully and make sure that you use a CQC registered Care Agency. CQC approved organisations are bound to follow strict recruitment and training processes. Using a CQC registered agency ensures you are receiving the best possible care from trained carers. Therefore, the integration process will be much easier.Here you can see that The Violet Care Agency is fully CQC compliant.


  1. All parties should read the care plan carefully. The Care plan is what will make up the basis of your agreement with your carer.  Due to this, checking the care plan to ensure it is thorough and complete is important.


  1. Service users and/or family/friends should communicate with the care managers during spot checks. Spot checks are normally set up so that the carers’ quality of work can be inspected. This ensures you are receiving the highest quality of care at all times. Spot checks can be ideal opportunities for you to share any changes that you’d like to make.


  1. Make sure that the care agency offers ongoing care worker training. As a result, your carer’s skills and knowledge will be kept up to date. The best way of ensuring that you are receiving the best care is with ongoing training. You can find out about The Violet Care Agency’s training here.


  1. Finally, if your carer does something that you are unhappy about, it is not necessary to wait for a scheduled meeting. Contact your care provider so they can address the problem immediately.


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